Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Ryan Lee Cambron

This one is a special one to me he the Person of 2011 and is in fact my only child my Son, Ryan Lee Cambron! Born 5-27-1991 in Jonesboro' Arkansas at 2:38 PM in the afternoon to Scott & Johnnie Cambron, my son was a hard one I thought he would never come to be but? He was here one of my proudest moments of my life! Ryan was born with a few problems he is a special needs kid he was told when he was born he had a condition called Hypnotic which his muscles are very low tone. And poor motor skills it took him almost 2 1/3 years old to walk and was told he couldn't use a walker to help himself walk! So for first few years of his life we worried if he would ever walk on his own! After that his balance was terrible and he went for several years in PT & OT therapy! Learning to try to walk straight and keep his balance we had a PT Therapist come to our home for almost 2 years! And with the countless doctor visits from Arkansas to TN it was hard on us to see him go threw the grind of him doing all he could do to make himself be a normal kid! But in our eyes he was a normal kid and a gift from God we were so bless to have him!

My son watched me hit the back yard & then later pro wrestling ring at the tender age of 1 1/2 years old and he has loved wrestling sense then he is like me he likes old movies and British comedies!

Later on Ryan took on school his first School was 21st Century here in Paragould, Arkansas a new venture for my son who was a joy to his teachers and PT AND OT Therapists. As he approached Kindergarten later in Woodrow Wilson School in Paragould he struggled to fit in and adjust to a different school and environment! He over came and adjusted the best he could he made it to upper grade school at Oak Grove also in Paragould! He would make me so proud working hard to fit in and drive really hard to get threw the years there! He was able to attend The Miracle Rodeo at our Local Fair grounds and for the first time ever ride a horse!

My son never knew why he was so special and why he was so looked after by his parents and his school a model student and great son my admiration grew more and more for him each day! He started to take notice to the Paragould School District and was winning deserving awards as most students do in school now days! My son always would lean a hand even if nobody wanted it his kind heart was always my weakness! Later in the years he would don the hat of Junior high schooler and the adventure continue for him it wasn't for some reason late in Junior high into senior high years that the school notice that Ryan would be a fit for the Special Olympics and Ryan would show me how amazing this kid is he would bring home gold after gold metals in track and in Basketball and in Bowling and he even went as far as State Olympics in his Junior High Senior year in Searcy Arkansas to take gold and silver in 2 events!

But one of the most amazing things my son was able to ever pull off was his ROTC in School Ryan approached me and ask me when he was starting his 10th grade year and we were figuring on what classes he could take and he offer his try at taking ROTC folks I am telling you now never in my time I would ever thought my son could do this and he prove me and others wrong as he don the ROTC suit and would March proudly at school and at meets and at our local Christmas Parade! It was a tearing moment for me as my son was growing into a young man who was so determine to over come anything thrown at him!

Also my son took on another adventure after almost over a decade he decided to take on a Horse Riding program called Spirit Ridge and rode horses like he was a true cowboy! More doors was opening up for my son! As he also started a summer work program after school was out and then finally his last year in school he took on another job program for school as a extra credit!

Horse riding, Special Olympics, School Jobs, ROTC my son was doing it all even with a disability he was there front and center never blinking a eye and never showing fear of what might happen if he fail and he didn't he swung the bat and slammed a home run ever single time!

I always told Ryan just try even if you can't do it just try that's all Daddy well ever ask of you and he has done it! He graduated in 2010 from Paragould High School another proud moment for me!

Now my son been out of school for a couple years shortly after he graduated from Paragould High School me and him ponder on what he was going to do! College? Military? What! He finally took a chance at Joining the Abilities Unlimited Program here in Paragould,Arkansas and this October he well be there for 2 years!

My boy has come along way he still struggles at times but he won't go down without a fight that's why I admire him so much his heart and determination keeps him going! I well always be there for him weather he thinks he needs a hand from me or not our children well always need us folks in a few short months my boy well turn the big 21 a man not a kid no more I've seen him grow so much over the years into what he is today a great young man who heart is soft and his compassion is unheard of in this world we live in!

This is why I admire him and love him so much cause he is a Cambron he's got the fight in him to over come and is, The Person of 2011... My son my Hero my Life!!!